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Everybody loves fresh, hot pizza served with their favorite toppings. But often, this can be hard to come by. When ordering take-out pizza, your family and friends may argue over the ingredients. Even worse, the pizza might be cold by the time it arrives — and we all know frozen pizza just never tastes like the real thing.

So, Californian Eugene deChristopher decided to simplify the pizza-making process and ensure that pizza lovers everywhere could easily enjoy great-tasting pizza. DeChristopher used the best pizza dough recipe to create the Boboli® Italian pizza crust. His goal was simple: To provide people with delicious, fresh flavor — faster. Though deChristopher created a pizza crust, over the years the Boboli® brand has transformed into so much more and today offers the perfect, quick and easy solution for gourmet right at home.

What's in a Name?

The name Boboli was inspired by the spectacular Boboli Gardens (Giardino di Boboli) of Florence, Italy. These sixteenth-century gardens not only feature an incomparable collection of sculptures, an amphitheater and more, but they also offer incredible views of the city served as the backdrop for some of Italy's greatest artists.