Dessert Pizza

Boboli logo appears on screen, followed by the recipe title, “Chocolate Peanut Pretzel Pizza.”

We see a pie dish sitting on a cutting board from the top down. The cook takes an 8” Boboli Pizza Crust out of its package, places it on the pie dish, and moves it aside.

The cook puts a bowl on the cutting board. She pours one fourth cup of graham cracker crumbs, one fourth cup confectioners sugar, one fourth cup peanut butter, and 2 tablespoons of melted butter into the bowl and stirs to combine.

The cook spreads the mixture onto the pizza crust. She then spreads on half cup of melted chocolate chips and sprinkles on leftover chopped up candy, one fourth cup of roasted peanuts, and half cup of chopped pretzels. She drizzles on melted chocolate and chills for 30 minutes.

The finished pizza is cut into four slices, and four hands grab in to each take a slice. 

The Boboli logo appears on screen and encourages viewers to look for the Boboli display in stores.