Entertaining with Boboli® Pizza Crusts

Check out these great tips to make your next Boboli® party more festive and fun!

Choose a Theme

Having a theme for your party will make planning much easier and create a unique experience for your guests. Choose your theme based on occasion (birthday, sports game night, etc.) or season. For example, Hawaiian or beach-inspired themes are perfect for summer! Create a festive atmosphere with easy party décor. For a tropical feel, go with sea shells, pineapples, coconuts, exotic flowers, raffia, and tiki-inspired elements. For a sports theme, choose team colors, wear team uniforms, etc.

Set a Party Timeline

Keep yourself organized by creating an event timeline for the day of the party, including all hostess details from setup to cleanup. List everything in order of when it should ideally happen, and be sure to incorporate cooking times, too. Don't be afraid to ask for help at times when you might be busy… it can be fun for guests to get involved!

Garnish the Buffet … and Make it Boboli® pizza all the way!

Don't overlook decorations for the food areas and buffet tables. Set these sections up with decorations matching your theme. Keep them simple. For example, use the top portions of pineapples as clever "centerpieces" for appetizer trays in a Hawaiian-themed parties. Or purchase a sports helmet-shaped bowl for chips and dip!

Don't forget, you can use Boboli® pizza crusts in your appetizer, entrée, and dessert.

Creative Grill

No matter the time of year, grilled food is always a winner. Crank up the heat in any season, and wow your guests with fun, out-of-the-box recipe ideas. Try a Boboli® pizza crust on the grill. Don't forget that you can even grill fruit or desserts!

And the Little Extras

Consider mood lighting, too. Use colored lights for team colors. Use candles for more intimate, adult entertaining. Or, you can even try a disco globe for an '80s-themed party!

Set up a photo area complete with fun props appropriate to your theme. Hawaiian leis, sarongs, maracas, hula outfits, toy parrots and ukuleles will let guests have a blast creating their own "staycation" memories! Or team jerseys, hats and foam "We're No. 1" hands will bring the team spirit alive in a game-day theme.